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Photo Log : Manado Trip 2015

I went to Manado last March for 5 days to celebrate Qingming Festival (or known as Cheng Bheng in Hokkian) with my husband’s family. We took the first flight so we can have more time to explore the city. I didn’t visit many places while I was there because of the limited time. I didn’t get a change to visit Bunaken πŸ™ Well, let’s come back again next time just to enjoy the city πŸ™‚ This is my first time coming to his hometown. I got to know my husband ancestors, learned the language a little bit, had the best seafood (we came back for 3 times!), and got changes to taste authentic Manadonese food πŸ™‚ The culinary experience was fun! Enjoy the photos!
Garuda indonesia Enjoying in flight entertainment for this 3,5 hours long flight, watching TAZZA The Hidden Card- starring BIGBANG TOP. The movie is pretty good! Please mind the subtitle though πŸ˜€   Garuda Indonesia My Breakfast   Hello Manado Hello Manado The airport is located in the middle of these hills. These sceneries will be seen before you landed in Manado πŸ™‚   IMG_1458 DSCF0207 First stop : Rumah Makan Pondok Teterusan. We had Ikan Mujair Bakar Sambal Rica with Cah Kangkung. It was delicious. This is my first time eating Mujair and it doesn’t taste weird at all. The fish doesn’t smell and the sambal Rica was very hot and spicy! It’s the spiciest sambal I tasted in Manado. You have to try this πŸ˜€   DSCF0213 DSCF0215 DSCF0260 We arrived at the hotel in the afternoon. We stayed at Swiss Bell Hotel Maleosan. The room is big, clean, and located in the middle of the city. In front of the hotel, there’re KFC, Gelael (mini market), Indomaret, Noodle House Cafe (in case if you miss Chinese food while you’re in Manado you can try this restaurant), and Rumah Makan Raja Oci (They say it’s one of the best Oci fish restaurant). The breakfast is good too! From local (Bubur Manado) to western food.   For dinner, we went to City Extra in Malalayang. This is the highlight of the culinary trip πŸ˜€ I recommend this restaurant to everyone. The husband’s family used to go to Ria Rio restaurant (similar concept and food) but it’s closed now and they opened a new restaurant called Wahaha Restaurant). Too bad we went here at night, because we cannot see the sea view. This restaurant is very big and everytime I come, they always have a large gathering here. The minus of this restaurant is if you came to this place when there’re large group of people, you have to wait your food for almost 30 minutes!! It’s insane! BUT, the food is worth to wait ;_; It’s too good! Must try : Ikan GOROPA Bakar and Ikan GOROPA Woku. Goropa means Grouper in English or Kerapu in Indonesian. City Extra manado City Extra manado City Extra manado They have this large pond filled with sea water.   City Extra manado Fish from the ocean. As you can see, the size of the fish is bigger than usual fish.   City Extra manado This is Ikan Goropa Bakar with sambal rica and sambal dabu-dabu. This is my favourite!   City Extra manado Cah kangkung (left) and Cumi Goreng Tepung (right).   City Extra manado This is Ikan Goropa Woku (Woku is a typical Manadonese sauce). Woku consist of ground spices paste; red ginger, turmeric, candlenut and red chili pepper, mixed with chopped shallot, scallion, tomato, lemon or citrus leaf and turmeric leaf, lemon basil leaf and bruised lemongrass. A very Delicious fragrance!   City Extra manado Sambal Rica (back) and Sambal Dabu-dabu (front). Perfect companion for any grilled fish πŸ™‚   Second day in Manado, we planned to go to Bunaken today but it’s canceled. Save it for next year πŸ˜€ crossfinger. DSCF0245 Morning view from the hotel   DSCF0247 DSCF0249 The egg station   DSCF0253 My omelette with additional sausage and creamy potato. The creamy potato is delicious! After breakfast, we went to Tomohon to visit Danau Linow.   Tomohon “Christ blessing” statue, Manado icon (left). On the right, Christian Cross is placed along the road to celebrate Good Friday/Easter. I found a lot of Cross in Manado. Christianity is big in Manado. You can find a lot of churches in Manado, like every 10 metres you’ll find church.   Tomohon Tomohon Tomohon Tomohon danau linow After a long way from the city, you can rest here at Danau Linow, enjoying afternoon snacks with this beautiful view. Too bad it’s raining when we arrived. After visiting that place, we went back to the hotel, rest, and went out for dinner. We decided to go just the 2 of us and relied on Google Maps. It’s City Extra again ;D Gosh, I love this place so much πŸ˜€ DSCF0351 DSCF0353 We had Ikan Goropa again. They have Red Goropa and White Goropa. This time we tried Goropa merah for the grilled one. The soup is called Ikan Goropa Kuah Asam. It’s good too! Delicious and fragrant. These two plus Cah Kangkung, Rice, and Mineral water costs us around Rp 200.000,- The next day, we didn’t have a change to have breakfast at the hotel. We went early in the morning to visit the grave, clean it, and pray. After visiting the ancestors, we had breakfast at Wakeke. It is famous for its Bubur Manado πŸ™‚ DSCF0337 DSCF0328I tried their Mie Cakalang. It tastes OK, but it’s not too savory. Have to add more salt and sambal to add more flavour to the soup.   Bubur ManadoBubur Manado! The top one is also Bubur Manado but with noodle. I don’t know that we can add noodle to the porridge! But I go with the normal one, no noodle. It tastes sooooo goood! The top right is fried fish, forgot what it’s called. But it’s delicious!   DSCF0331   After Wakeke, we went to Saroja Nasi Kuning for take out. I heard this is a famous place to eat Nasi Kuning ala Manado. DSCF0342 Nasi Kuning SarojaManadonese Nasi Kuning is different than the one we have here in Jakarta.   After that we spent the day to pray at my relative’s house. Last day in Manado, my relative decided to take us out to try Gohu (shredded Papaya). DSCF0356 The soup has sweet and sour taste.   DSCF0357This one is Es Brenebon aka Es Kacang Cokelat.   And to conclude our Manado trip, we went back to City Extra again with the big family πŸ˜€ What I love about this city is the FOOD! It’s absolutely delicious! Check out my Flickr Gallery or my Instagram #TheJinglesonHoliday for more pictures.

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